god loves me more than you

i am on vacation this week, faithful readers, but i wanted to post a line to let you know that i am more convinced than ever of god’s affection toward me. 


my wife and i have rented a cabin in the semi-wilderness of the ozark mountains (i’ve attached a view from our deck) and our kids have joined us (have i told you about my granddaughter?).  as we left oklahoma, we had “enjoyed” a lengthy string of one-hundred degree days.  miserable.  stifling.

on saturday, our first day here, the high temperature was 74 degrees.  yesterday, it rained all day long.  when i got up is was 62 degrees.  i sat on the deck, drank coffee, and read.  and i took a nap (can you say nirvana?).  today it’s supposed to reach 70, and tomorrow, maybe 80.  i would write more, but i’m exhausted.  you will excuse me?

i don’t mean to sound condescending, but it’s pretty obvious that god loves me more than you.


One thought on “god loves me more than you

  1. Just so you know, the temperature was about 80 today. You could have stayed home and gotten to see me! We miss you guys!!! Church is weird without our pastor.

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