on a personal note

100_5438100_5436not that you care, but…

i finally got a bike!  it might be the dreaded mid-life crisis (or it could be that we’re seeing the first signs of dementia), but i’ve wanted a harley for years and i finally got me one (that’s how we say it in oklahoma).  a couple of months ago i ran across a great deal on an ’06 road king.  it is pristine (7800 miles) and strong with a stage-one kit and samson pipes.  and (blessing upon blessing!) my wife loves it.  i am the world’s most fortunate man.  except that now i have to update the “someday i’ll own a harley” part of my about me page.

speaking of my wife…

today we celebrate 33 years of marital bliss perseverance.  we’ve had some great years (’78…’89…’93…’01 was especially good) but, honestly, i have only recently learned to be a husband.  for lack of a better idea, though, we stuck it out and god has been uber faithful.  besides being a great wife, jaycene has been a superlative ministry partner for 25 years.

and, finally, i’m really looking forward to vacation in a couple of weeks.  i plan to blog while i’m away, but i’ll probably get completely self-immersed and never think about my commitment to you, my faithful readers.

that’s just the kind of guy i am.


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