by his stripes, someone else is healed

i have always been uncommonly healthy.  it’s not a faith thing…it’s just that i am possessed of stalwart immune system.  i’ve never taken a vitamin and i’ve been quick to mock my sickly friends.  in twenty-five years of full-time ministry, i’ve never missed a sunday–a fact that has become a source of sinful pride for me (i heard you, mason!).

over the past couple of years, however, i’ve begun to slip a little.  i’ve had several long stretches where i just felt miserable.  two weeks ago, i woke up with a greenish discharge coming out of my right ear (ear infection).  last week, i developed a runny nose that soon became a tickle in my throat that evolved into a full-blown sore throat (virus).  as i write this my ribs are sore from the continual coughing.

almost every orifice in my body has been guilty of spewing foul fluids in its turn. 

at first, i chalked up my suddenly delicate condition to old age.  then, i realized that we opened the child-care center almost exactly two years ago.  i walk among a gaggle of warm-blooded germ factories every day!  and it’s never enough for me to say “hi” or give them a high-five.  no, i hug them and pick them up and muss their hair.  guess i’d better either keep my hands off, or learn to wash my hands.

if this keeps up, i will be praying the prayer of jonah: “Now, O LORD, take away my life, for it is better for me to die than to live.” (jonah 4:3)


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