first the olympics, and now this

there’s a rumor floating on the waves of the blogosphere that has raised a point of contention with me, and i feel like it must be addressed.  is it true that louie giglio and chris tomlin are planting a church in atlanta?

all of christendom must rise up with one voice and say, “no!  you can not!  its enough already!”

its not that louie giglio is unqualified.  if anybody is anointed to lead people to god, he is (he could just tell the laminun story over and over and folks would flock to the altars).  and what a bonus to have chris tomlin as worship leader!  you could hear him all week long on the radio and then on sundays as well.  no, my problem is not with team giglio…its with atlanta.

atlanta has become to this generation what tulsa was to the last.  religion central.  the holy ghost clearing house.  the muckiest of the ministry mucky-mucks have congregated in atlanta.  john maxwell lives there.  jeanne mayo (“america’s number one youth pastor”) lives there.  jentezen franklin is just up the road.  you’ve got not one, but two stanleys.  and is it just me, or do 61.2% of all christian blogs actually generate out of atlanta?  i realize that atlanta is a huge city, and i’m sure it has a few lost people, but at what point do we reach superstar saturation? 

i’ve got a couple of ideas…

we could use rick warren’s famous “map on the wall” method.  a committee made up of people much smarter than me could decide where louie and “golden boy” could have the most impact, and then be empowered to consign them to a city.  sure, there would be logistical issues (homes to sell, kids in school, etc) but its for the kingdom, isn’t it?

another proposal i have is that we create a ministry draft.  churches could trade their staff for future draft picks (but then people would discover that a good church secretary is more valuable than the best senior pastor).  several churches in one city may want to go together, pool their resources, and make a deal for giglio/tomlin.   who knows, there may be an instant mega-church in topeka’s future.

on second thought, i don’t think i want to get involved.  god may really be behind this (although i still think the atlanta chamber of commerce is somehow involved).


3 thoughts on “first the olympics, and now this

  1. This is my new favorite post. This is like when Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell got together to form Temple of the Dog. Or like when Aquaman and Superman kicked _ss together.

    No really. It is super hard not to see this as a retirement plan for these two. They are sick of Youth. Sick of traveling. Sick of having to do something cooler than last year. Just plain sick of saving the whole freakin world every year. That could really get to be a drag.

    The good news is that everybody at the church will already be saved. So…. mission accomplished.

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