the hounds of joy

i am being pursued by joy. my circumstances haven’t changed. i’ve not suddenly been blind-sided by success. even so, i am joyful (not giddy or jubilant, but gratified). joy is a state i recommend highly.

i think this sense of spiritual bounty is after me because i have been thinking about and reading about and preparing to talk about the resurrection. even the word resurrection inspires a sense of wonder. it’s a magical idea, really. jesus was stone, cold dead. and god raised him back to life again. i don’t know about where you come from, but that doesn’t happen real often around here. when i try to wrap my mind around the truth of the resurection, a sense of contented expectation comes over me. i can’t help it. almighty, eternal god has made arrangements for me.

here’s the deal: mortal is temporary. everything about this life–good and bad–is simply insignificant. i heard a lady say on the news this morning that forty percent of the people on the forbes list (richest people in the world) are depressed. i don’t know if that’s true, but i’ve met a few broke alcoholics and i’d surmise that a good percentage of them, maybe a majority, are unhappy too.

both groups need joy…the joy that is a direct byproduct of resurrection.


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